Rihanna may have ripped off David LaChapelle!

Rihanna may have ripped off David LaChapelle!
February 4, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

So by now you’ve probably seen the terrible video to Rihanna‘s otherwise catchy song S&M, right? Well, unless you live in one of the 11 countries it’s been banned in (I blame Perez). Anyway, apparently everyone’s losing their shit because apparently it’s a rip-off of photographer David LaChapelle. Which I guess is sort of like farting in an elevator and then blaming it on someone else.

The new music video, which was directed by Melina Matsoukas, premiered on February 1st, causing quite an uproar due to its highly provocative nature and has since been banned in 11 countries. A source within LaChapelle’s studio tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that the photographer has worked previously with the songstress, but he was definitely not involved in any way with this project. SOURCE

If LaChapelle had any brains, he’s probably deny any connection to him because the video fucking BLOWS. I’m not sure what Rihanna’s been doing with her sex life, but that ain’t even close to S&M. That’s what I refer to as “Diet Kink”, the wussiest, most palatable form of kink practiced by yappy attention whores who retweet everything people say about them on Twitter to make themselves seem important. You know who I’m talking about.