richard ashcroft is back!

richard ashcroft is back!
January 7, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

well hello hello hello! i am very excited for this third solo album from brit boy richard ashcroft – this talented singer/songwriter was the frontman for the now defunct band the verve – one of my all-time favorite songs is bittersweet symphony so i have always kept my eyes on richard – i am not sure if his latest album keys to the world is going to get a US domestic release (i hate when they do that) – from what i can tell not at this time (it is slated for release in the UK on jan 23rd)…but you can always purchase the import version over the net – below i have posted the awesome first single break the night with colour (i always do love that extra foreign ‘u’ in colour) – check out the lyrics next to the music cutie mr. ashcroft himself – plus there is also a link to check the video out – i hope everyone is behaving & having tons o’ fun! popbytes out for now – rock on! xxoo

» listen to richard ashcroft’s new single break the night with colour LINK REMOVED

» watch the video at video-c.co.uk

Richard Ashcroft releases his first single for Parlophone, ‘Break the Night With Colour’ on January 9th. The album ‘Keys to the World’ will be released on January 23rd. The album was recorded in London and has been produced by Richard and long time collaborator Chris Potter. Former singer and chief songwriter in The Verve, one of the most influential and successful bands of the 1990’s, Richard went solo after the band split in 1999 and has released two critically acclaimed albums, ‘Alone With Everybody’ (2000) and ‘Human Conditions’ (2002).