Reese Witherspoon and her bloated ‘pouch’!

good morning everyone! so last week as everybody heard reese witherspoon wasn’t too happy with two week’s ago STAR magazine and even had to bring ‘the law’ into play…so this week the ‘bump’ mystery is finally solved (thank heavens since i was so worried) she isn’t pregnant at all ms. witherspoon simply has a case of the BLOAT! check out the picture of ms. witherspoon at the beach sporting what STAR labels as her ‘pouch’ – a few tummy crunches & some gym time and she will be good to go! shit if janet jackson can come back from edge rather quickly i’m sure reese can swing it too…

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  • j-ro

    Those ASSHOLES!

  • Jo

    That’s hilarious :)

  • lotusflower

    What a bunch of assholes at Star “magazine”!!!
    Seriously, I would like to see what those dumbasses look like after 2 kids!!
    I am happy that Reese hasnt had it sucked and tucked like the rest of Hollywood, she is a real girl and seems down to earth. I think she looks great!

  • Ha ha

    She’s a dumb fat pig,LOL!

  • Mrs. Robinson

    The sight of a real woman is so frightening to these anorexic promoting pigs that a healthy normal girl suddenly gets called a bloated cow. Get a clue! I wonder what the hell any of you look like?

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Imagine that. A beautiful mother of two children who actually looks like a real person. I suppose The Star would prefer Reese if looked more like Nicole Richie or some other inspirational celebrities!

  • sam

    i guess its karma.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with all the ladies here :)
    She is a mom and a very inspirational female figure (no pun intended). She looks incredible for a mother of two and for a woman in general. Especially compared to, what is it now, 80% of the population.
    Besides that is not a flattering angle for any woman ;)

  • Brianne

    Those people at Star can go get fucked. Seriously, the minute someone isn’t skinny they start chucking insults. You’re fucking STAR for God’s sake. People in glass houses and all that.

  • kat

    Go Reese! I’ve only had one kid and I certainly don’t look that good.

  • Lizzi

    Gosh, I’m fat and even i don’t sport such a huge belly!

  • Anonymous

    That article disgusts me. Not because I think she’s fat, because it’s disgusting of Star to have done that. Fucking assholes. That infuriates me actually, as a recovering bullemic. What right do they have to call a NORMAL LOOKING PERSON fat? Ughhhh. Fuck them. Good for her for sueing them.

  • Becky

    LOL. Reese took it waaay too far with the lawsuit, I think this is hilarious. Like her movie bosses really thought she was lying to them about not being pregnant? It hurt her reputation THAT much? Please.
    Oh, and another thing she hasn’t been pregnant in like 4 years .

  • Anonymous

    Star magazine is absolutely pathetic. Reese is gorgeous the way she is . At least she has some meat on her bones unlike nearly all of the celebs we see out there.

  • maria

    She’s a moron. I could see it if it were an article saying her marriage was in trouble, but I have a subscription to Star and read the story. They were supernice about how great a mom she is, how another kid will be great, she’s beautiful, Ryan loves her, blah blah blah.
    I would’ve written the retraction as: “The Star would like to apologize. We were wrong. She’s not going to be a Mommy again. She’s merely stuffing her face and turning into a fat pig.”
    Hahaha! Serves her right!

  • Sweet Linda

    That’s what she gets for wearing a bikini. Stupid bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Hey any publicity is good, right. I think she went to far to sue the Star. The pics they had certainly made it look like she was pregnant. Oh well, I don’t fault her shape, but I do question her talent.

  • Tacky Tacky

    A tacky tabloid, who would have guessed?

  • D B R

    Wow, how meanspirited.
    She looks great. And we wonder why so many girls develop eating disorders. You wonder how these editors can sleep at night.

  • D’oh!

    People, it’s BLOAT not fat. I’m a slim person and when I’m, well, gassy, I can literally go up two sizes and then back again. I’m an extreme case, but considering how thin the rest of her body is, it seems pretty obvious to me that that’s the case here, especially given the unflattering angle of the shot.

  • Rachel

    You know what is sad? If she lost her pouch and turned into Kate Bosworth, they would be on her case, too. It seems like a girl can’t win with these people. Either they are too thin or too fat. Give the girl a break. It’s not like she looks like Kirstie Alley or anything like that!

  • JDRhoades

    Be careful what you sue for…you might get it.

  • me

    Whoever said she hasn’t been pregnant in like four years is an idiot. Her son is only two years old you dumbass. It takes up to three years for your body to FULLY recover from a pregnancy.
    Besides, if you have a large baby or more than one pregnancy your body sometimes just doesn’t go back no matter how hard you work out.

  • bliss

    Actually, I think the photo looks like it’s been doctored to add the extra belly, people. Check out the shadows in the lower area of the stomach.

  • Press Observer

    You know. . the UK press is shameless with their photo ops. It’s all a haughty gossip — similar to a bunch of old hens at a socialite party. This press has always thrived on their shock gossip — it doesn’t matter who it is. If you want to take away their power DON’T BUY THE PUBLICATION. They print it because it sells. It’s very very slimy business but it’s still business.
    And. For the record. . Reese Witherspoon is a hottie — and always has been.
    –nyc man

  • reese


  • Peter

    Reese looks great to me, morons.
    I followed this link because I’m a big fan of Reese’s, and wondered how bad it could be. Ha! I’d bet anything that the specific person who wrote the trash copy on Reese is either a fat slob or a nervous-wreck bitchy anorexic. On the other hand, Reese is a brilliantly talented, beautiful, happy, personable, successful, and well-loved person. Hmmm…

  • Cindy

    Hey Lizzy,Becky,Maria,Sweet Linda,Anon.( July 2,06 ),and Reese don’t blame Reese for your fat ass bodies. She is a great actress and mom and she looks good! Ever hear of sweep your own doorstep????

  • bliss

    I think that the bizarre thing is that this publication doctored the friggin’ photo by adding a big stomach, and nobody else here seems to even acknowledge that. Those of you who are offended that they would point out Reese having some extra poundage–don’t you think it’s even more offensive that they would FAKE a fuller stomach on her?
    I tried to post a link to the photo the way it would look without the extra stomach, and they didn’t even allow my post.

  • bliss

    I’ll try again. Check out the pic at this link, folks, and compare it to the above picture:

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see the body of the person that took this picture of Reese. I bet whoever it is is not sporting a six pack. This is a woman that has had children and if she had a c-section this could do that to a womans stomach. Even if she didn’t have a c-section give me a break, she is only human and a seems like a wonderful person, which is more than I can say for the person who took the picture and who wrote this article. TACKY

  • SassyK-jun

    These tabloids like to run bullshit on all celebrities. They are always looking for something out of place. That’s how they make their money unfortunately.
    I think Reese looks great and what they did as a retraction is unprofessional. I don’t blame her for suing. I would rather see a little pooch on a woman then skin and bones.
    So Star, you made a mistake, owe up to it, instead of being ugly! Maybe, you ought to hang out at the beaches where us regular people are and see how many “bloated” stomaches you see there and publish it! Hell, take a picture of mine, it’s 49 years old and looks like Reese’s. So I say, it’s a good thing!