Reese & Ryan get their 7 yr itch on!

Reese & Ryan get their 7 yr itch on!
October 30, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

yes yes yes! it’s true after seven years of wedded ‘beautiful people’ bliss talented reese witherspoon and hottie ryan phillipe are calling it quits! the news broke earlier today but i figured i would post tonight – it’s just another failed hollywood marriage! am i surprised? hardly – am i a bit sad? ok yes – i really did like these two as a couple and both are stunningly gorgeous and i’m sure their three two children will grow up just as pretty as both of their parents – this whole split got me thinking about which couples are still left that i would be heartbroken if they were to split up…

1. paul newman & joanne woodward

2. tom hanks & rita wilson

3. matthew broderick & sarah jessica parker

who else would you like to see remain together? anyways if i were to take bets on which person is going to come out of this divorce better than they went in – my money is on ms. witherspoon! i have a sinking feeling ryan is about to get dragged through the mud (plus he was never talented as his now soon to be ex-wife) check out the couple below on october 16th – at the premiere of ryan’s new movie flags of our father…just fourteen days before today’s big split announcement – this looks like their last hurrah as a ‘happy’ couple! i do hope it will be a civil divorce – when there are kids involved parents should set aside their differences of and think of their children! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

UPDATE read this new story over at the national enquirer about ryan’s possible cheating – scandalous!