Ray – comedy or musical?

Ray – comedy or musical?
December 13, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! oh popbytes is a bit tired all this globe excitement has got me worn out – one issue has come up for me – i saw ray and i loved it – and loved the brilliant performance of mister jaime foxx (who got three globe nominations, one for ray, one for collateral, and one for a tv movie – redemption) – but i will argue that ray isnt really a comedy or a musical (the category in which it was nominated) – there wasnt that many songs – and they werent really used to tell the story – and it certainly wasnt a comedy – unless you think detoxing from a nasty heroin addiction is funny – so although im glad ray was nominated as it should be – i found the category a bit off – i guess the same thing goes for the bobby darin biopic starring kevin spacey beyond the sea – didnt he die from a heart defect he had since birth? (thanks d) yeah for sure these are both comedies or musicals – give me a break!

one thing for sure – one movie has come to light recently – and im dying to see it – for one i love don cheadle – for sure one of the great actors of our time – and two hotel rwanda simply looks like a gripping story – based on a true story – it tells the tale of a hotel manager who manages to turn his 4-star hotel into a safe refuge of sorts during a brutal civil war – this movie not only looks thrilling but i think is quite an important movie that will for sure make impacts across the board – so be sure to check out this movie when it opens nationwide dec 22nd!

and lastly phantom of the opera – the broadway show turned movie garnered a few nominations – this was popbytes first broadway show (and saw it 4x) – and im thrilled that its finally coming to film – its excellent – the music – the story – oh i just cant wait…

other globe hightlights include the seven (7) nominations (the most for any film this year) for the brilliant indie flick – sideways – and six (6) nominations for the aviator which popbytes is dying to see – i know its going to be quite good – and let’s not forget the acting debut of gwen stefani as jean harlowe – one of the many loves of howard hughes – im still so stuck on her latest solo release love angel music baby (wouldnt it be cute to get like 4 pomerian dogs and name them love, angel, music, baby???!) – and one more thing – poor ‘desperate housewife’ eva longoria who was shut out of the globe nominations – while her other ‘desperate’ 4 co-stars all nabbed nominations – she was robbed – i would easily knock-out nicolette sheridan and replace her with eva…ok pobytes out for now – getting ready for tv tonight including the sure to be fun a very gotti christmas – oh i cant wait to see how ms. victoria gotti gets in the holiday spirit – popbytes out – and tomorrow the return of the infamous you didnt hear it from me… newsletter!