Ray J wants to give Kim Kardashian sex tape profits for her wedding?

Ray J wants to give Kim Kardashian sex tape profits for her wedding?
May 19, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Ray J and Kim Kardashian

Last time Kim Kardashian got (ahem-hem) ‘married”‘ for all of two months, the news of her temporarily wedded bliss was overshadowed by the fact that literally everyone in the world remembered her sex tape and immediately ran off to buy it again. So of course, now that she’s getting (ahem-hem) ‘married’ again, it looks like it’s time for another story about Kim’s Vivid Video sex tape, as Ray J is gifting her four months of royalties for her wedding. TMZ reports …

It may be the most awesome wedding gift of all time … Ray J is giving Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a $47K check … representing 4 months of his 2014 profits from the epic porn tape with Kim.

Here’s the breakdown of the wedding gift. Mind you, this is just Ray J’s cut:
— January $6,135.60
— February $20,097.31
— March $9,674.76
— April $10,931.52
— TOTAL: $46,840.13

We’ve reached out to Kim to see if she’ll accept Ray’s gift, but so far no word back. We’re told … if she doesn’t want it he’ll donate the money to her favorite charity.

I don’t know what’s worse here: The fact that Kim makes this much money in royalties every month, or that she thinks we’ll believe her when she says she gives money to charity. Honestly, I’d be less offended if she just said that she was going to take the money and burn it in front of a soup kitchen because she likes watching people cry. Because at least it would feel like she wasn’t insulting my intelligence.

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