Raven-Symonè came out of the closet on Twitter!

Raven-Symonè came out of the closet on Twitter!
August 5, 2013 JEREMY FEIST


Raven-Symonè has kind of been in the glass closet for the past few years now, and everyone’s been really cool about respecting her privacy and all because (A) it’s basic human decency, and (B) That’s So Raven was kind of a kick-ass show. Remember the episode where she used her psychic powers to get that racist shop keeper fired? That was a really good episode. Anyway, on Friday, she finally came out officially via Twitter, we forgot to cover because it was Friday afternoon and also some of us have super pushy boyfriends who want to get to the movie theatre while the tickets are still $5. Paul.

Good for her! She always seemed exceptionally sweet and level-headed for someone who started off as a child star, so it makes me happy to see that she’s doing well for herself. Yay!

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