RANT TIME with Kanye West!

RANT TIME with Kanye West!
October 28, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kanye West

It’s been a few days since Kanye West ranted about how hard it is to be an amazingly rich artist, so here he is going on yet another rant during his recent concert over in Las Vegas. I honestly caught about five words of it because most of what he says is screamed through a mask made of jewels, but from what I can tell, he thinks being super rich is a form of slavery and that he’s still not all the pleased with that South Park fishsticks joke, which … really? Four years. It happened four years ago. Seriously, you’ve gotta let the fishsticks go. I mean, the whole point of it was that it was supposed to showcase how you can’t take even the most innocuous of jokes, and that’s exactly what you’re doing right now every time you bring it up.

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