rain is not my los angeles

rain is not my los angeles
October 17, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey hey – gosh i was so bummed today – first off it has been raining – see pics below – you never see hollywood blvd like that – and today was to be the grand opening for the new virgin megastore here in hollywood – sir ‘crazy but cool’ richard branson was to appear to cut a ribbon – along with a rooftop performance from INXS with their new lead singer cutie JD power (i love him!) – but alas it all got washed away – they said it was cancelled not postponed – so i doubt it will happen but i will stay on top of that whole situation – damn that rain!!! it rarely rains in LA so to have it rain on this day was really saddening especially on a monday :( everyone at work was in a mad scramble for umbrellas (poor audra almost went outside with a plastic bag – i had to stop her for the fashion factor) and made hollywood blvd as slippery as all hell…that sidewalk o’ stars was so not built with rain in mind…

so anyways i just caught the madonna appearance on TRL that took place earlier today – lame lame lame – it was just so dumb – i felt like i was in grade school – they showed like 30 seconds of the new video for hung up – and had this stupid ‘dance for madonna contest’ – i think madge wanted to leave & regrets hopping in bed with MTV (except i’m sure the $$$ is good) – and that guy who is now hosting TRL – can they get someone with some zest??? he is such a fucking drip – i’m sure ms. madge was rolling her eyes back into her head – but i did spot blogmate trent from pinkisthenewblog.com so that was kinda fun to see him hanging out in the audience – his blog is super fun – a daily read for sure – of course he is destined to be a star! so rock on!

oh what a day – good times when it rains in los angeles – this was why i left NYC (not really but it does sound good) – popbytes out for now…xxoo…