Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig Are Probably Banging

Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig Are Probably Banging
December 27, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

It’s official! Maybe! Apparently, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig were photographed getting all chummy, which means that, yes, these two are definitely probably but maybe not obviously fucking each other. Hard. Yeah, I can see this being true.

The British beauty was reportedly photographed “laughing and holding hands” with Daniel over the Christmas weekend, according to Us Weekly.
The romantic photos – published by the UK’s News of the World – reportedly show the happy couple enjoying the chilly holiday in the southwest English countryside town of Somerset. SOURCE

Well, what do you expect? This is what happens when you take a single, sexy, heterosexual woman and put her with a single, sexy, heterosexual (DAMMIT!) man: They start getting down with their fun stuff. It’s like that song from The Lion King, only, you know, with more cocks. Can you tell I’ve never actually watched The Lion King?