Rachel Lynn goes acoustic with “Tend to the Flame”

Rachel Lynn goes acoustic with “Tend to the Flame”
February 25, 2015 ERIC RICKERT

Rachel Lynn

Generally speaking I’m not a singer / songwriter person–I only wanted to go to Lilith Fair that one year Missy Elliott played the main stage. If Solange isn’t going to cover it, I’m probably not interested.

But I can get beyond this one: Rachel Lynn. Anyone who starts a song with, “a little whiskey and a love song” probably has a Pinterest board with Patsy Cline portraits. She probably likes sparse interiors and metal jewelry and sings in an gritty, ballsy way. She’s probably emotional but never emo.

I’m so into that kind of singer / songwriter.

Rachel released her latest EP, To Street & Transfer (Spotify), in November. It’s a continuation of the sound she’s honing: those swooning, belting love songs that everyone and their parents’ cool friends love to hear. Check out her latest acoustic session here before you hear her music on a Shonda Rhimes show or before L’Oreal features her in a shampoo commercial. Here’s a new acoustic verision of “Tend To The Flame.”

If you’re in the New York area, check out Rachel Lynn in person:

• Wednesday 2/25 @ ​Bowery Electric
• Sunday 3/1 ​@ Pianos
• Thursday 3/26 ​@ Bowery Electric
• Saturday 4/18 ​@ Rockwood

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