Puck got wasted!

Puck got wasted!
January 26, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

Because having to work on Glee with Lea Michele day in and day out would cause anyone to drink (I may or may not have taken a shot of Bailey’s after typing her name), Mark Salling (Puck) apparently got super shitty over the weekend but blessedly managed to call a cab instead of driving under the influence. Gold star for you!

Salling was letting loose after a pretty hectic week at the office — and dude celebrated his first day off in three weeks by partying with a bunch of friends … who ALL insisted on keeping the streets safe by cabbing it home. SOURCE

Yay for him and yay for calling a cab instead of doing something reckless, like going on a coke-fueled car chase or running over a baby. God knows if Lea had her way she’d make a crippled orphan give her a piggy back home. “Oh come on, lift with your legs. What do you mean they’re broken? Oh boohoo, go cry about it to your mom.”