psycho reproductive gal on the bachelor

psycho reproductive gal on the bachelor
January 11, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok so i know that barely anyone is watching the latest 9th edition of the bachelor: paris – but one thing made it all worth it! (besides the fact it was on monday with little other TV viewing options) there was one completely psycho girl named allie. g – described as an oncologist who currently resides in delray beach – florida (of course psycho lady lives in florida…) so when she goes to meet super hottie sexy bachelor dr. travis stork (he could be my doctor anyday – oh daddy!) she blasts right into the fact that she entering her reproductive stage – did you ever hear a bigger turn-off in your entire life? jeez louise – i am sorry you just don’t bring that up at an initial meeting – using those oh so technical terms – yeah maybe mention you’re looking to ‘settle down’? but allie wants to ‘reproduce’ – such a very unsexy term…of course she didn’t get a rose at the end – who would give one to her? maybe a test tube!

and then she had the balls to go & confront him at the end…i posted that portion of the show synopsis below – good luck ms. allie in your zealous quest for reproduction…i think you just shot down all your chances by acting like a crazy bitch-ass loon on national TV – i pity the man that multiplies with you – popbytes over & out for now – and yeah i was a little mean tonight – so what! xxoo

Allie goes off in search of Travis. Angry and hurt, she challenges him to be straight up and tell her why didn’t he choose her — is she too short, her chest too small? Awkwardly, he says the truth is, he isn’t ready to reproduce like she is — he’s not looking for that right now. The others huddled outside in the cold gape at the information that Allie told Travis she wanted “to reproduce.” Allie accuses him of playing around because he doesn’t want reproduction. Travis replies that she doesn’t know him. Allie argues back that he just said he doesn’t want her to be around because he doesn’t want to reproduce, yet he’s on a dating show looking for a partner. Travis says he doesn’t want to put the cart before the horse and in frustration Allie storms off. She thinks she should stop dating, perhaps join a convent. She says he’s like every other “stupid doctor” she knows — intimidated by a professional woman.

While she fumes in the garden, Travis returns to his bevy of Bachelorettes, and they toast to good times ahead in the City of Lights.