Prince and Madonna are BFFs again!

Prince and Madonna are BFFs again!
January 20, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

Good news for those of you who just can’t let go of the 80’s no matter how hard you try: Madonna and Prince have come out of irrelevancy to end their feud once and for all! Yay! Apparently, these two have been fighting for something like twenty years, but made up after realizing that they both look vaguely like gargoyles and drink the blood of virgins to stay youthful.

The Material Girl, 52, was among the celebrities cheering on Prince’s sold-out Tuesday show at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. (Other A-listers in attendance: Jimmy Fallon, Donald and Melania Trump and an awestruck Leighton Meester, whom Prince serenaded onstage.) During the show, an attendee reports that Prince, also 52, made a good-natured joke about the high price of Madonna’s concert tickets. “I know I’m expensive!” he joshed, then making a friendly call-out to Madonna by name. SOURCE

Yay! Now the two of them can be tired and overrated … TOGETHER! This is the best day of my life! Wait, did I say “the best”? I actually meant “just another”. Yes, I get it: Purple Rain was an awesome album. I don’t care, Prince is still a colossal jag and Madonna is just irritating.