‘Power & Money’ drive Kris Jenner (so says her sister)

‘Power & Money’ drive Kris Jenner (so says her sister)
October 9, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kris Jenner

Ever since Kris Jenner rose to fame by having her daughter release a sex tape and then turning that into a show displaying how awful they are to each other, it’s been pretty obvious that Kris is the devil. Honestly, she’s been pretty transparent about her willingness  to do anything and everything she can for the sake of power, even at the cost of her own family. Just in case you needed any more convincing, here’s Kris’ own sister, Karen Houghton, confirming that she’s evil incarnate. Via RadarOnline

“You know what drives Kris?” Karen Houghton, a San Diego-based nurse, asked. “Power, power, power and money. It’s called wanting power, Gucci purses, Bentleys, all the things I don’t care about that she does.” Houghton dubbed her older sister, who’s worth a reported $80 million, “a workaholic” and “a hustler.”

Granted, this is absolutely nothing new to anyone who has even the most rudimentary understanding of Kris, but coming from Kris’ own flesh and blood sister? That’s pretty damning. Although it is nice to know that at least one person in Kris’ family isn’t completely full of crap.

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