popbytes update!

popbytes update!
August 21, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids – oh the drama of last week was too much to bear for this pop culture boy! i reinstated the now infamous ‘lost postings’ (a down server drama!) so go ahead and check out the postings below for those of you who may have missed ’em the first time around…

moanday update – 7

scott bakula sighting

lazy sundays – 3

so i learned a big lesson to back up everything – just in case – so what else is new – well my dear mom sent me the 411 on regis philbin and his guiness record – 15,000 + hours on the telly – kelly ripa only wishes – and at her rate with both babies and exposure – she could do it – poor kathi lee – everyone needs to give her a break – she got such a bad rap – but every time i see her she does good – and is very witty and quite funny – i mean please – how many of those olympic outfits were made in sweatshops – there has gotta be some!

my mom loves to keep up all the scoops – but is very upset that her trip to france in sept lands on the day the new survivor 9 starts – i told her at least she would get to see the apprentice 2 which starts on NBC one week earlier – and of course if there are any pop scoops and/or celeb sightings in france while mom/dad are there – popbytes will have it first – god bless both my folks – amazing people besides being great parents (popbytes couldnt ask for more – plus to boot i have a cool ass brother back east in beantown) – so my folks are always looking out for me (and you always taught me to have confidence and believe in myself – and i do more than you know and i thank you heaps for that) – i know you both mean well – and i love you guys! france should & will rock!

popbytes is still enjoying the olympics – i feel semi-dazed and out of it – its like a 2 week blur of fierce athletic competition with a healthy dose of whats coming up on nbc in the fall – so far i think lax with tv goddess from sammi jo to amanda – heather locklear, hawaii also looks good – as does the odd father of the pride with the voices of some of the best talent around including carl reiner, cheryl hines, and the incomparable john goodman – so as soon as the olympics is over its back to school for popbytes – cant wait – one yr anniversary – fall season – and something in the early stages that could be bigger than popbytes itself – catapulting popbytes to the national attention and traffic i/popbytes have worked so hard to garner – everyone keep all toes and fingers crossed big time!

and expect some lazy sundays thoughts tomorrow – including a review of the new björk album (medúlla) – which is a work of genius – shes so bizarre but so talented – trust me on that one! and below find some pop bits to keep you all abuzz until popbytes returns in a few mere hours – this week its back to business – and then the olympics ends – and popbytes goes into fall turbo kick-ass mode – keep coming back and tell a friend! its all about the grassroots – in the beginning popbytes was averaging around 25-50 a visits a day and now its well over 200 visits a day – so i know someone out there is getting some mild (to wild) enjoyment! much love as always – popbytes out!

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