PopBytes meets Angelyne!

PopBytes meets Angelyne!
September 4, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! oh man i’m so excited to write this up…so yesterday i had to run to the hardware store for a new shower head along w/ some other stuff – i headed to ‘osh hardware’ over on sunset & western (across the street from ‘home depot’) and guess who was there shopping?!? yes…LA legendary billboard mystery diva angelyne!

i had spotted her back a few weeks ago walking down my block but yesterday i got the nerve up to introduce myself to her! she was SO kind and gracious and completely approachable – she was all decked out & done up in an adorable cute little pink number – we exchanged cards (of course i told her about popbytes) and then she asked me if i would like to purchase her magazine hot pink – well hells yeah!

the next thing you know i’m in the parking lot buying vol 1 & vol 2 (she told me there will be a vol 3) out of the trunk of her infamous pink corvette! it was all so very surreal – everyone who lives in los angeles knows she’s a staple local institution! she signed the cover below (calling me a ‘sex god’) and sealed it with a kiss! hopefully we will be hearing more from ms. angelyne here on popbytes! oh i was all giddy after my random encounter – meeting one of LA’s legendary characters simply made my day – you just never who you will run into around here! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!