PopBytes interviews Marina and the Diamonds!

PopBytes interviews Marina and the Diamonds!
September 20, 2010 MICHAEL KNUDSEN


Hey y’all! This past Friday evening, I had the chance to interview Marina And The Diamonds right before her final show here in the states (She’s already back in London but will be returning stateside next year) at Los Angeles’ famed El Rey Theatre! If you’ve been keeping tabs on my blog, then you already know I am totally obsessed with Marina and her brilliant debut album The Family Jewels! I was super lucky to be able to sit in Marina’s dressing room with her and ask a couple of questions–watch the end result below! Overall, I think the interview came out great–she was such a sweetheart–I’m now a bigger ‘Diamonds’ than I was before! Then she put on such an amazing show which I’ll be posting about later on this week along with fantastic pictures and video clips. Many thanks to the person who was able to hook this up for me, you have no clue what this really meant to me, I totally appreciate it! XOXO

Marina and The Diamonds

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