popbytes got too much sun!

popbytes got too much sun!

oh i am so dumb! i do this every year when i first start hitting the beach – i got so burned and i was feeling awful on the way home and when i got back my head was pounding and i feel really nauseous – oh good times with a little sun poison! the day was really nice though…we headed down to torrey pines beach in la jolla (near san diego) – even though it is a bit of a trek (about 2.5 hrs from hollywood) it is well worth it! one of the best beaches i have been too here in southern california – the water was surprisingly warm and it felt oh so good to wash all the gossip from this week away! i wanted to update tonight with a little something – i was like laying on the couch and i was like i can’t skip a day! i surely will be back tomorrow hopefully feeling much better! popbytes over & burned for tonight…xxoo!

PS oh my word the paris hilton first single ‘stars are blind’ is worse than i expected…it was leaked to the net today! yikes…have a listen for yourself – yuck! such a shameful imitation and rip-off of something gwen stefani never would sing but obviously paris thought she might…all my bets for this summer are on christina aguilera – i am still lovin’ her new single ain’t no other man – have a listen over here if you haven’t already…now that’s a summer song if i ever heard one!