popbytes goes to banksy’s barely legal

popbytes goes to banksy’s barely legal
September 17, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! so i dragged my ass to a downtown los angeles warehouse this afternoon to check out UK graffiti artist banksy‘s three day show entitled barely legal…he was the guy who recently pulled the incredible prank with the paris hilton album – so once i heard about the show coming to town – i simply had to go and see it! (brad & angelina even made an appearance at the opening night party) i did get a little lost but managed to park quite close by for free!

everything was really cool & interesting although the line was incredibly long and it was sweltering hot but it was well worth the wait! most of the pink painted pattern had been removed from the elephant (animal rights people got all in a tizzy over that stunt) he looked content eating his straw & hanging out being the proverbial elephant in the room (in a nutshell it was a statement on poverty and how no one talks about it although obviously it’s a huge problem of elephant-size proportions) it was very crowded but the pachyderm seemed to be taking the crowd in stride (apparently the elephant has done lots of ‘entertainment’ stuff before) anyways i snagged a bunch of pictures which you can check out below – i would love to own one of his paintings (my favorite was the girl reaching for the heart-shaped red balloon – the canvas was huge – all the white space was incredibly stunning) it was a very nice change of pace from all the normal pop junk i indulge in on a daily basis…popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS i missed the ‘hilton cockroach’ display – that was another whole line into a really hot and dark room where some banksy film footage was showing…i decided to pass – if you ever want to see a coackroach on paris just catch her with greasy pal brandon davis