popbytes did king kong!

popbytes did king kong!
December 18, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

phew! i just got back in the door from the arclight cinemas where i saw king kong this afternoon – luckily i was able to catch this on the arclight’s cinerama dome – which i think is one of the best screens in LA (additionally they offer reserved seating so you don’t need to sit for 45 mins) – of course it was packed to the hilt plus i could swear that geena davis was sitting two rows ahead of me with her husband (i couldn’t confirm it though) – but when i was leaving i ran into a frantic quentin tarantino who was obviously in a rush to catch a movie – it was so surreal & quick – i was just like oh there is my fave director (besides my dear woody allen – note to self – must see matchpoint) – you just never know who you will see around the neighborhood!

anyways…the movie was incredible as i suspected – it was long as we all know already – i even had to make a mid-movie run for a drink & popcorn – i was so damn thirsty but during the movie i didn’t really keep track of the time – some movies you look at your watch like every 10 minutes – this one keeps you interested and alert – no naps here (sometimes movie naps are the best) – i do think some of the dinosaur scenes could have been cut a little but who cares…when it is all over people even clapped – massive kudos go out to director peter jackson – i couldn’t imagine being in charge of a movie like that – i think my eyes would pop out of my head – you could really tell all the care and effort that went into re-making this classic – i especially enjoyed all the scenes set in 1930’s new york city – and i think the original ‘ann darrow’ fay wray would be quite proud of her present day counterpart – naomi watts who just nailed the part and she is so damn beautiful – no wonder kong fell in love with her! yet now i feel drained and tomorrow is monday but soon the holidays (ie days off) will be here! popbytes out until tomorrow – xxoo!