popbytes 2006 year in review

popbytes 2006 year in review
January 1, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! so last night i really wanted to do one final ‘wrap-up/review’ post for the year and i couldn’t figure out what to do! i went through a variety of options – when i finally settled on making a photo montage with a bunch of pictures i used here on popbytes during 2006! let’s say it took way longer than expected – i pulled 615 pictures into the mix and blended them all to the brazilian girls song le territoire! the pics are in no particular order (that would have taken a few more hours!) but overall i’m super happy with how it came out in the end (especially after all the drama of making it) please watch it out below – enjoy! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


oh man – i so messed up! with all the drama of the 2006 photo montage i created – i was so fucking wiped by the end – that i didn’t even realize that about 300 pictures (out of 616) were missing! when it all came to about five minutes – i was thrilled it wasn’t too long but i was avidly driving around today looking for a nintendo wii in stock (no luck but i think i’m close – if you can believe it i went to woodland hills this afternoon) i kept thinking to myself the picture montage can’t be right! so when i came home – i checked and alas a bunch of pictures were missing! (damn that iMovie) oh my gosh – i had to redo the file plus find new music for the extra minutes…it now stands a little under ten minutes and i laid down the ‘hot chip’ remix of amy winehouse‘ s rehab! i can’t believe i did that! it’s longer but less than a minute per month! anyways yes it’s back to the grind tomorrow…ugh! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

PS in case you don’t like youtube – you can download the quicktime movie here – it clocks in at 71mb!