pink’s sober gets remixed

pink’s sober gets remixed
December 8, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning boys & girls! lately i’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming post on my top favorite albums of 2008 (here’s my list from last year) normally i don’t put them in any particular order but this year i think i really do have a top favorite – it’s definitely going to be pink‘s new album funhouse (there’s a couple of close runner-ups which will soon be revealed…) i’ve been a huge fan of hers since there you go (released back in 2000) she’s totally grown as an artist over the past eight years and is simply amazing plus she’s got an excellent attitude and overall positive vibe – i know a lot of people like & respect her but i seriously think she’s underrated – she should be way bigger here in the states than she is – i’d love to her more of her on the radio – she’s way better than katy perry– i’m already so fucking sick of her track hot N cold – that girl is so far up one blogger’s (still big) ass – it’s gross! anyways – please enjoy this tasty junior vasquez remix of pink‘s hot new single sober (and watch the video if you haven’t already seen it…) popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

» listen to pink’s sober | junior vasquez radio edit (.mp3 6.7mb)