pink is not a stupid girl!

pink is not a stupid girl!
January 24, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my gosh – i totally love pink and her last album ‘try this’ is one of my favorite albums – and besides she did just marry super sexy hottie carey hart – damn he is so hot with all his tattoos plus he seems like a really nice guy – for their honeymoon they went snowboarding with their four dogs – we all know popbytes loves all dog people – so they really are tops in my book!

so i was surfing around and my dear popsugar had a post containing the brand spankin’ new pink video for stupid girls – the song is hot – the video is a biting satire of current pop figures – and pink just fucking rules the house – so please do check it out below! popbytes over & out – xxoo!

» watch pink’s stupid girls (.mpg 38 mb)