pink copies & strikes again!

pink copies & strikes again!
October 30, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey boys & girls! now i do love pink but this is the second time i’ve had to post about her copying / borrowing / stealing (take your pick) from another artist…last time it was the now deceased new zealand artist martin f. edmond and her u + ur hand video – this time los angeles based band powder has taken note that a lot of their stage show looks & ideas have popped up in pink’s shows after they already were performed by powder! you can read more about the situation on powder’s myspace blog but i think the pictures below (especially that top one) clearly show that pink is borrowing from powder…hopefully this will be the last time i have to call ms. pink out for something like this! if anyone has any more info or insight on this situation – please let me know! special thanks to my pal nessa for bringing this to my attention! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS there’s another article on this whole thing over at musicindustrynewswire.com

It has just been brought to our attention here on the POWDER MySpace team that LA-based band PINK’s new Summer Tour show bears more than a passing resemblance to Mama’s show… in fact, it seems to be pretty much identical. Not only does Pink’s ‘new’ show include Silks, Poles, Aerial hoops, blow-up dolls, chair routines, and ‘Fem-Bot’-style backup dancers, but she wears very similar costumes and uses identically colored Silks to Ninette! So we are not just talking about a few similarities to a POWDER gig… basically, it appears to us that the whole show has been copied…read more