January 9, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

this is such an odd comment – but peter was wearing a suit jacket with stripes like up and down that made like big squares – i mean it was a nice suit – but on TV it looked SO distracting – and i have been watching my favorite news guy for years – and i was NEVER distracted by his suit – but tonight – it was all i could see!

seems to be lots of online buzz – people are hungry for this to start – of course i will watch – BUT its not my favorite – and i really think that kelly clarkson is the true ‘original’ american idol – just like richard hatch – the ‘original’ true survivor – i dont know when all these reality sequels will perish – i cant see IDOL 4 – and i think justin guarini was dropped from his label – shit – who let him do that unchained melody song – they should retire that song i swear – once it was great – but come on people! anyway i digress – like celebrity mole 2 – and they brought back corbin bersen and stephen baldwin – the term ‘celebrity’ is used quite loosely – BUT i will admit i watched EVERY NIGHT of IM A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE – it was on EVERY DAY for like 2 weeks – and it was fun to watch – yes ‘celebrity’ loose again here – but chris judd (evil j.lo’s ex) came out looking like a great guy – oh jenny – and speaking of THAT woman – what is she up to – besides launching another shitty fragrance?

huge popbytes shout out to the donald – and his new NBC show – its a ‘corporate’ survivor – and after working in offices for years – its too much fun to watch – 2 teams – boys vs girls – and each week are given a new task (last night selling lemonade in the city – girls kicked ass – boys were selling at seaport – should have went to times square boys – or better yet went to chelsea and took their shirts off – and hit up the all gay boys buzzing around! :) and the losing team must meet with donald in the ‘board room’ and someone is fired! i have my eye on omrasa – the girl political consultant – she works it – and is a smart cookie! 12 more weeks to go – it moves to wed next week…