peter, bjorn & john vs the cure – mashup!

peter, bjorn & john vs the cure – mashup!
September 4, 2008 TEAM POPBYTES

good morning! oh i’m loving this short work week (tomorrow is already friday) and this coming sunday i’ll be covering the video music awards which i’m extra excited about since MTV confirmed yesterday that britney spears is going to open the show – not a performance but something supposedly fun and unexpected…anyways right now i’ve got the latest mashup selection from my pal DJ paul v. – i hate to admit this but i’ve never been a huge fan of the cure yet i really do like this mashup a lot! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

Every once in awhile a song comes along that gets so stuck in your head, you need a crowbar to get it out. That’s what happened with a lot of people when they heard Sweden’s finest, Peter, Bjorn, & John, and their fresh ‘n hip ‘Young Folks’ a couple of years ago. Me, I still love the damn thing, and if you add in another favorite band of mine – The Cure – well, hell, I’ll be whistling dixie for the rest of the year. It’s French mixer Mighty Mike who was up to the task of bringing them together.

Listen to Mighty Mike – Forest Folks [.mp3 10.5mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

PS to my LA peeps: Get on your mashup dancing shoes this Saturday night, September 6th, for Bootie LA at The Echoplex in Echo Park. I’m in the house spinning with Adrian, Mysterious D, and we’ve got the amazing R.A.I.D. dancing in the midnight mash show!

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