perry taylor (brit’s manny) details

good morning people! oh i love good stories like this…ones that could turn into an actual real-life fairytales…this is a tale of brave & hunky perry taylor (age 28) comes and helps to save britney spears from a horrible fate with kfed (who hasn’t been snapped with britney since april 2nd)

mr. taylor is a US naval graduate (check out his graduation photo below from 2000) hailing from maryland – he was originally hired to be a manny for baby sean preston (brit’s mom lynne spears is rumored to have come up with the idea to hire a man) and now perry is almost acting like a stand-in dad and husband! i bet kevin doesn’t like this at all but he might not even care a bit…

STAR magazine nabbed an interview with his mother caroline (age 61) who said perry says britney’s a lovely lady. they smile and have a good time, and he’s really good with kids. i’ve seen pictures of him holding sean and he looks like a true dad and perry might now how sean may feel as he gets older – his dad left when he was a kid!

britney along with sean & perry even checked into the ritz-carlton laguna niguel in dana point on june 4th – registering under mr. taylor’s name! gosh i am so glad that our dear britney has someone to pal around with – a guy who seems like a good role model and is finally able to bring a smile to the face of ms. spears…now she just needs to dump you know who…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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  • Hazim

    Hey. Hazim here…again. When Britney got with KFed, I was thinking “What the hell does Britney get that 7.9 billion other people-including KFed himself-don’t?”
    So I might not have to wonder no more. I think SeanPreston and the one growing inside of Britney right now deserve a good father. Wonder where KFed will be on Father’sDay? Snorting coke and getting laid by hookers in fishnet stockings somewhere, I’ll bet.

  • Down To Earth

    He does not care, the only thing he cares about is him getting money. That is the only reason he got with her anyway. Kevin has brought nothing but trouble to there lives. He is a looser, I hope she really does kick him to the curb.

  • mel

    Love it! Any man or woman is better than K. Fed. I can’t imagine any real father putting up with another man raising their child and hanging out with his wife like that.

  • Stephanie

    WOW he’s like 7.9 billion times hotter than Kevin, let me say so! And with Perry, they’re family photos for the Christmas cards might actually be kept..
    I hope Britney truelly is dropping Kevin. Hell she could stay single for all I care.. Kevin can go find someone else to feed off of.

  • ChristopherM

    If in fact Lynne Spears engineered this, she is a bloody genius who deserves all of our thanks!

  • thexxit

    You know, I think everyone gives KFed too much credit. The guy is an idiot. He just happened to be at the right place, at the right time. Brit saw him, thought he was cute, whatever, whatever, she said, “you wanna hit it?” and of course he said alright, and there it was. She wanted a baby, and he had sperm. I don’t think he planned anything out, he’s just a dumb ass who got lucky! He didn’t try hard to get into a relationship with Brit, and he’s obviously not trying hard to keep it. If tomorrow he’s living in his mom’s basement playing xbox and knocking up another girl, I really don’t think he’d notice. He’d be too busy smoking the doobes and eating leftovers.
    At least the Manny doesn’t look like a hillbilly crackhead. Good for SPF!

  • BC

    umm…worked in the Navy with all those Semen…working as a Manny…is he gay?

  • em

    hahhaa, check out perry’s myspace :

  • diam

    You have to realize that for the longest time KFed tried to be black, hooked up with black women and lived a thug lifestyle…SO he hooks up with no longer little blonde brit with a southern accent??? You think he’s using her??? For god sakes…she paid for her own wedding ring!!!

  • Mike

    BC you are an arogant little prick who has never done anythhing that you have not benefited from. Go crawl back in that hole you came out of and hold your breath until you pass out. A-hole

  • Cin

    Perrys hot.. He could be my daughters manny any day!

  • Jeanne

    Perry would be a GREAT match for Brittney. If, indeed, they are NOT involved, it would be in his best interest to act UNINTERESTED in Brittney until Kevin left and She started flirting with him. However, this could all be a big cover up for the fact that he and Britteny are, indeed, a new couple. It would make more sense.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Kevin left the picture at this point. I mean, that is when he left his first wife – when they had one young child and another one on the way……………