People are fighting over Tila Tequila’s sex tape. WUT?

People are fighting over Tila Tequila’s sex tape. WUT?
January 31, 2011 JEREMY FEIST
Tila Tequila

So I’m sure this must come as a huge surprise to you, but Tila Tequila has a sex tape. I know, gasp right? Anyway, it turns out Vivid Video is entering a legal battle with a porn site named PornHub.com (not really original, but meh) over leaking the sex tape of hers that they legally bought. Which begs the question: Who the hell wants to watch Tila have sex?

Lawyers for Vivid Entertainment fired off a letter to the folks behind Pornhub.com (who are apparently located in the Republic of Cyprus), demanding it remove a five-minute clip of the Tila tape that hit the web last week. Vivid had plans to release the tape this week and wants to keep it fresh. And get this … we’re told Vivid thinks it was an inside job — one of its own leaked the video. SOURCE

An inside job? Really? Jesus, only Vivid Video can make a celebrity sex tape (NOTE: the bar for celebs in porn is set pretty low. We consider a guy who was on Big Brother for two episodes to be a star. Jesus … ) sound like friggin’ Inception. Sure, it may just seem like a scoop, but NOOOO! Clearly, this is the work of Leonardo DiCaprio infiltrating your dreams and shooting himself but OH MY GOD IT WAS ACTUALLY A DREAM!