patty griffin’s tony

patty griffin’s tony
December 4, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning everybody! i’ve been wanting to feature this song for some time here on popbytes – it’s singer/songwriter patty griffin‘s track called tony which is off her amazing ’98 album flaming red! i had lost the album somehow and then i was at the tower records closing sale a few weeks ago and i scooped up the album again at a great price! this song is one of my favorites off the album written about a gay teenager named ‘tony’ who ends up killing himself because of all the pressures a lot of gay teens end up facing while going through adolesence and having to deal with high school drama – i’m so lucky to have had a very positive experience during my high school years – even coming out in the 11th grade which could have gone bad but it turned out to be a really good experience – again i was lucky – please do listen to the song as it’s serious but it also rocks! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS i also wanted to mention the trevor project which is one of the only national toll-free 24/7 suicide prevention hot lines that is available for gay & lesbian teens who might want to talk to someone about the issues they’re facing or going through – it’s always a huge help to have someone to talk to – you can read more about it the organization on their website at thetrevorproject.org

Does anyone remember Tony

A quiet boy, little over weight

He had breasts like a girl

When I wasn’t too busy feeling lonely

I’d stare over his shoulder

At a map of the world

He always finished all his homework

Raised his hand in homeroom

He called the morning attendance

With the pledge alligence to the gloom

Hey Tony, what’s so good about dying

He said I think I might do a little dying today

He looked in the mirror and saw

A little faggot starin’ back at him

Pulled out a gun and blew himself away

» listen to patty griffin’s tony (.mp3 4mb)