paris hilton wants a new BFF…

paris hilton wants a new BFF…
March 15, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! is everyone enjoying their weekend so far? i managed to get a little much needed retail therapy this afternoon plus i’m looking forward to tonight’s SNL since mariah carey is the musical guest – i’m curious to see her perform her new addictive single touch my body (she just nabbed the gig this past week when janet jackson came down with the flu) as you may have heard already paris hilton is entering the reality TV ring once again with her new show coming up later this year on MTV called paris hilton’s my new BFF where she’ll scour the nation to find one person she can befriend for life and i guess trust with her most ‘inner thoughts, dreams, and hope for world peace’ (take that statement with a heavy dose of sarcasm) we all know how well relationships tend to work out after being set-up on reality TV…my word of advice to the winner is to snap some pictures of paris doing something naughty and then sell ’em when she drops you! no doubt that if the shows does well in the ratings we will be subjected to many more seasons of paris hunting for ‘true’ friendship…ugh!

i don’t have anything against ms. hilton in particular – she’s just a total easy wonky eyed target good for a few laughs! the other night there was a press conference held here in los angeles to announce the new reality venture (paris’ sister nicky was there along with her new ‘boyfriend’ benji madden) i actually was invited to cover the event but i had to go to the dentist that night – and when pressed to choose between going to paris’ press shindig or the dentist – i chose the latter! however i did gain access to a few pictures from the event which you’ll find below (when asked about if she’ll have a catch phrase like donald trump‘s ‘you’re fired’ – she said that’s still in development…) of course i’ll be tuning into the show when it premieres – i don’t think it will be as much of a trainwreck as the upcoming dina lohan‘s ‘hot tranny mess’ of a reality show living lohan but it will probably provide plenty of amusing blog fodder for us bloggers! if you’re secretly dying inside to be a BFF of paris – head over to parisbff.com where you can upload an audition video of yourself for a chance to be one of the chosen competitors! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS make sure to watch the hilarious video of ‘ultimate fan’ jake byrd (a fictional character portrayed by comedian tony barbieri) at the press conference which was shown last night on jimmy kimmel‘s late night talk show!