oprah will do david letterman!

oprah will do david letterman!
November 21, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

damn this is a good day but i am a bit bummed since i had so much crap to take care of – i had to skip my screening of rent but with the holiday weekend coming up – i for sure am going to see it!

ok but let’s move onto the best news everoprah winfrey has agreed to appear on the late show with super funny man david letterman on dec 1st! hot damn! if you watch dave at all – you already know he has been harping about her appearing on the show for years – and i thought it would never happen – she told TIME magazine in 2003 that she just didn’t feel comfortable with him – but i guess things do change! thank heavens!

oprah’s visit also coincides with the opening night of the color purple on broadway which oprah is producing – the movie is definitely in my top ten movies of all time – BUT i am not sure how this musical version will go over – i predict it will end up bombing – sorry that’s just how i feel…with broadway nowadays it is pretty tough to have a good commercial success but i guess soon all shall be revealed – it’s just for me a perfect movie plus from the songs i have heard so far – i just don’t see it translating all that well – but besides all that OPRAH IS GONNA BE ON LETTERMAN!!! i can’t fucking wait! this is gonna be good people – ok i’m over & out – still have a bunch of things to catch up on! rock on – this story literally made my day (besides the extra traffic from AOL this morning) much love to all – xxoo

ps yeah i mocked up the photo below in pshop – yeah it’s kinda a hack job but you get the picture!

What a big night that is going to be – not only for us, not only for Oprah, but for Broadway. You have the big ‘Color Purple’ Broadway opening, and then right across the street here in this theater, you have Oprah appearing here. I mean, that’s what Broadway is all about – it’s a street of dreams.