oprah summer readin’ (tolstoy!)

oprah summer readin’ (tolstoy!)

oh it was a great ending to a fun may – oprah announced her latest summer book club selection – the hefty (at around 800 pages) leo tolstoy classic – anna karenina here is some info direct from oprah.com

‘An extremely sexy and engrossing read, this book tells the tale of one of the most enthralling love affairs in the history of literature – it truly was the ‘Harlequin Romance’ of its day. Penned while Tolstoy was wrestling with a religious crisis that nearly destroyed him, the book is filled with passion and soul-searching. Serialized in the Russian Herald from 1875-1877 and published in its entirety in 1878, Anna Karenina was wildly popular and controversial. And even though Count Leo Tolstoy had been writing fiction for more than two decades and had already published War and Peace when he undertook Anna Karenina, the author called it ‘the first novel I have written.’

anyways me and my oprah loving ways have signed up for her book club (i do suggest that you do the same – come on – it will be grand fun! oprah style!) – and i will be spending the summer with oprah and anna! she even has a whole schedule – so i can read right along with ms. thing! and just maybe i can make it to the show where she has people discuss the book – this could be my big chance to take my ass to chicago and meet my favorite person! and this is probably the first mention of a book on popbytes! so thats pretty neat and a break from my love of tv…

and on a great end of the month note! with the arrival of cocohippie and ‘you didnt hear it from me’ columns – traffic has spiked a bunch! i had over 1000+ more visits than last month! and 17,000+ page views! thats up 4,000 from last month! so keep it coming – lots more is on the way for june! so keep it tuned here folks! send the site to friends and whoever else may be inetrested! popbytes out for may! hippy skippy!