Oprah does Wisteria Lane!

Oprah does Wisteria Lane!
February 3, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh i so love that oprah! i’m just finishing today’s episode – where they wrote oprah a role – ‘karen stouffer’ – and played about a 10 minute ‘mini-mini’ episode – where oprah’s character moved onto wisteria lane – and quickly moved out after realizing something was very awry on wisteria lane – i really enjoyed it – except they did use some past scenes (like where teri hatcher was naked in the bush after being locked out) – but all said and done it was a hoot! and then oprah had the three hottie boys of the lane including my boy jesse metcalfe who i loved since seeing him on passions although i dont watch that nbc soap – it does air after my beloved days of our lives and i sure knew who ‘miguel’ was aka jesse metcalfe just from the commercials – he is so hot it is not even funny – anyways tomorrow’s oprah promises to be fun as legend tina turner (fuck popbytes loves tina turner more than words can express) surprises the ‘desperate’ cast (especially diva felicity huffman aka lynette who had a dream to meet ms. tina) what can popbytes say? i love oprah – i so love ‘desperate housewives’ – and i popbytes had this show pegged months ago as a major hit (and a nice wean off from sex & the city) – come on people tv is like heroin – here is my post from last october! – popbytes on ‘desperate housewives’ – as soon as i heard the title i predicted a hit – much love to all as always – popbytes over and out!

ps – eva longoria is so tiny! i didn’t realize – oprah joked she could fit in the palm of her hand! :)