oprah does 20 with a DVD!

oprah does 20 with a DVD!
November 20, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

well hello hello hello – oh i know i can be random…from cutie james blunt and crazy courtney love yesterday to oprah winfrey today but we all know that oprah is one of my favorite people ever – congrats are in order for the 20th anniversary of her still ground-breaking talk show – but i do think the queen of daytime has gone a little overboard on celebration with the release of a 6 (yes six!) DVD set that higlights the best (and maybe worst) of the past twenty years – as much as i love & adore her – i certainly couldn’t imagine sitting down for 17 hours/14 minutes of ‘footage’ – first my tear ducts would probably be dried up and useless – and i would be an emotional mess for days – all those moments crammed into one DVD set – it’s all just too much – plus methinks it’s all a bit schmaltzy – can anyone even her diehard fans imagine buying this?!?

i think i could do like a 2 hour TV special on oprah’s twenty years but certainly not 6 DVD’s but even as i write this post – a small tiny part of me inside deseperately wants to own it for myself – but i am not going to give in to the power of the winfrey but if you just can’t control yourself go and purchase a copy over on oprah.com – plus 100% of the profits are going to support her angel network – so i guess a little schmaltz and a few memories is ok for charity’s sake – and heck if popbytes makes it to 20 years (only 18 to go!) – i might do a 6 DVD set too – why the hell not? rock on and enjoy the rest of y’all’s weekend! xxoo

For the first time, Oprah reveals her candid thoughts and feelings about the biggest moments and interviews in 20 years of history-making television.

• Includes rare, never-before-seen footage.

• Some of the guests who touched Oprah’s heart forever.

• Twenty years of lessons…Oprah’s lightbulb moments!

• Oprah’s ‘firsts’…there’s nothing Oprah hasn’t tried in 20 years!

• Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of The Oprah Winfrey Show

• ChristmasKindness: Oprah’s life-changing trip to Africa

• 20 Years of Stars, Surprises and More!