open letter to courtney love

open letter to courtney love
August 20, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

dear courtney love,

oh my gosh girl – yeah yr back in rehab – and you admitted to using drugs during this year of probation – you know i do love, adore, and worship you – but please please pull it together – this isn’t the first time i have asked you to get your act together – but let’s make it the last – just forget for a moment your a mess – just think – you could have it all – you are talented beyond words – but you just gotta hold it together – i think of you daily – and i pray you can pull thru this – and show all the nay-sayers what you can accomplish – and i seriously think we need a reality show together – i can be yr new assistant trying to pull you together – we would have a blast babe – just think about it – and in the meantime – i am pulling for you – i love you!

rock on girl – mk aka popbytes