only in my dreams – britney & justin!

only in my dreams – britney & justin!
December 6, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey boys & girls! i’ve got one more topic for the evening! yes we’d all love way down deep inside for britney spears to reunite with her ‘one true love’ justin timberlake…it could be the romantic story that fairy tales are made of…but don’t rejoice just yet – it doesn’t seem very practical at all! first off we’ve got cameron diaz who has been with (screwing) justin for nearly four years (i adore her in movies but she annoys the fuck out of me in person – always giggling – it’s tired) then we’ve got the adorable spawn of federline babes sean preston & jayden james…can you really picture justin raising kevin’s kids!?!

well maybe it’s a reality show in the making…this week STAR magazine indulges in our secret fantasy and has a entire spread dedicated to the dream of britney & justin finally being together again (yes i’m being overly dramatic) i’ll say instead of bringing sexy back mr. timberlake should bring back the wonderful late 90’s – along with the clintons (go hillary for ’08) in the white house (oops i broke one of my rules…i got political – don’t mind me!) popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

surrounded by piles of presents and adoring friends including manager larry rudolph, britney spears seemed to have everything she could want at her 25th birthday party at beverly hills’ chic eatery mr. chow on dec. 2. but star has learned that the newly single popstar feels her life is missing one big thing: her first love, justin timberlake. “she 100% says that she wants justin back!” a source tells star. adds another: “she’s telling people that she’s going to get justin back if it’s the last thing she does.”