one two suri’s coming for you…

one two suri’s coming for you…
August 11, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

it could have been such a sweet memory for suri cruise to have made her public debut on the cover of vanity fair magazine but before those pics had a chance to be published (perhaps in the fall she will be the covergirl) we will forever have the ghastly image below burned into our memories courtesy of X17! an aerial zoom photo of kat(i)e holmes standing in the cruise mansion (sadly) looking out the window and to her left is baby suri – she lives!

yes it’s fuzzy and all but that is for sure a baby! i tweaked out the picture to increase the creepy factor which was in full effect already! besides who can pass up a chance to make reference to one of the greatest horror franchises of all-time – i love that freddy krueger! he would actually fit quite well at the mansion since it’s one big creep-out fest – this image for sure is going to give me nightmares! on that note i’m almost ready for bedtime – popbytes over & out – check you all tomorrow!