one punk under god

one punk under god
December 13, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! i simply had to mention the premiere of a new six-part series airing tonight over on the sundance channel…one punk under god which is a reality/documentary show on jay bakker who is also ‘the prodigal son’ of jim & tammy faye bakker (now remarried as a messner) he started his own ministry (the revolution church) in atlanta and now he runs the ministry in NYC! he certainly isn’t his father’s preacher! everyone knows i’m not one drop religious but for some reason i’m seriously fascinated by the topic and all the history & discourse behind it…

and of course y’all know how much i adore jay’s mom tammy (read my previous posts on her) who is still battling cancer but keeps managing to fight like i don’t think i’ve seen anyone else do – the lady is such a trooper – oh i love her! in the most recent note (dated oct 12th) from tammy on her website she tells us has some good days and bad days but she is still putting her absolute faith & trust in the lord – god bless her! anyways make sure to tune in tonight and also check out this recent article from radar about jay & his church! plus there’s plenty more information over at world of wonder – my lovely hollywood blvd neighbors who produced the series! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!