omg y’all – did britney spears elope?!?

omg y’all – did britney spears elope?!?
December 12, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! below is the latest cover of STAR magazine featuring more drama for britney spears who has been spending loads of time with this shifty sam lufti character – who the magazine refers to as ‘sinister’ and ‘creepy’ – and supposedly wants to get ms. spears into some kind of quickie marriage to get his paws on her money – hell if she’s dumb enough to elope with someone else in las vegas (again!) and doesn’t get a prenuptial agreement then mr. lufti should get all of her money – or at least what’s left of it! we all know girlfriend has been spending cash like there’s no tomorrow – unfortunately she’s not spending it on clothes or wigs – she keeps running around in the same trashy outfits, awful boots, and messy pink wig (someone please brush that wig for her!) i still love britney but seriously there seems to be no end in sight to her continuing downward spiral and descent into craziness…

over on the right side we’ve got eva longoria and mario lopez – are they more than just friends? i’m sure they might have screwed each other in the past but ms. longoria does seem to be happy being mrs. tony parker but it’s always good to have a backup – or at least a booty call on standby – and mario would certainly be perfect for that! there’s also something about mary-kate olsen‘s secret lover – you know how ‘carrie bradshaw’ calls her shoes ‘lovers’ – maybe mary-kate’s ‘lover’ is all of her fur items! just yesterday PETA launched a campaign against the twins ragging on their love of fur – making them out to be the trollsen twins! i wonder if we’ll see those two stop wrapping themselves with dead animals? anyways last but not least the magazine has a fifteen page spread dedicated to 2007’s juiciest scandals – and i’m sure ms. spears probably comes up more than once! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!