olympic torch letdown :(

olympic torch letdown :(

so its like 1pm – and lady ellen degeneres is due on the blvd – johnny grant the honorary mayor is out front – the hollywood high marching band is playing (see pics below) – big coca cola float promos with like dancing girls and music – go by (passing out samples of C2 – im not sure how i feel about it – but i will say its better than diet – which for me would be like drinking gasoline – that crap tastes NASTY – if yr worried about calories – save em someplace else or dont drink soda – im sorry i so hate diet soda) – and soon ellen will be here – but then whammy – ellen is down a bit (im on the corner of orange and hollywood – the best corner – the main staple of hollywood – is hollywood blvd from orange to highland) so she ran a drop just down the street – passes the torch to some local athelete – and she jumps in a car and is off! johnny grant was ticked off! we had been waiting – and it was like over in a split second – and we didnt even get to see ellen! and then we hear at work – will ferrell was running with it for a bit – and apparently it was some big faux pas (brent look i used that term) for a celeb to pass to another celeb – so oh well – just another day in hood – sometimes suprisingly exciting – sometimes a disappointment – sometimes weird and odd – but alway hollywood is always up to SOMETHING! – speaking of which i think my fave marilyn monroe impersonator who was all preggers – maybe had her baby since she has been absent! so congrats if so!

what else is brewing – well joe schmo 2 was a stroke of brilliance last night – and west-kevina loved it – he will be posting soon on wb superstars – and all that wackiness! very soon! and i was able to get him a ‘copy’ of the new phish cd – undermind – and he loves it and will soon be in vermont in august to attend one of their last shows! go west-kevina!

and next week will be the debut of ms. skimmers who is going to lovingly donate weekly reviews of her new reality obsession (its great on bravo blow out – all i can say is that main guy is straight? you mean hes not gay? wait what? hes not gay? i told ms. skimmers today – honey if he were your boyfriend (she loves him) i would say oh ms. skimmers – your boyfriend is gay – sorry sweetie! anyways looking forward to her reviews!

here is here comment from last night