oh whatever, amanda bynes

oh whatever, amanda bynes
July 26, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Hey, remember when Amanda Bynes retired from acting? Yeah, well, she’s unretired after about … what, a month? Yeah, I’m sure that one month of Amanda taking a break from doing absolutely nothing to do absolutely nothing must have left you all crushed, but now she’s back and I for one cannot WAIT for What A Girl Wants 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Just one month after announcing she was done with acting, Amanda Bynes is coming out of retirement.

“i’ve unretired,” Amanda, 24, tweeted Saturday night.

Just in time to promote her upcoming movie, Easy A. SOURCE

Oh look, she unretired just in time to promote her movie. How … appropriate? Oh who are we kidding. Christ, at least when Michael Jordan or Jason Adonis pulls this shit, they at least have the talent or abs (respectively) to pull it off. Amanda just has a weird voice and inability to shut the hell up.