oh the swan emerges

oh the swan emerges


oh here we go folks – for the most unique (and ‘crazy’) beauty pageant ‘ever devised’ – gosh the folks at fox think they are solving world peace! (as a sidenote i think that dog pageant was a bit more crazy – also on fox – i mean evening wear for dogs? insane – but i loved every moment of it! i do have much love for all dogs – big and small!) – i must admit that i dont have a swan favorite pegged to win – they all look pretty decent after their 3 month ordeal of not only making the outside beautiful – but the inside as well – look ma – no mirrors! – gosh now i feel all warm and fuzzy – it actually may be the glass of wine i literally had to have as the swan began tonight…i wonder what surprises may be in store for us! i know many people would never admit to watching this – but i liken this reality show to fear factor – it is like you never plan to watch it – it just seems to happen – altho i will admit that i had secured a tivo season pass – as not to miss any swan action! im on it as we speak! its wild already!

and after the swan go on over to nbc and catch sexy chef rocco on the restaurant – im actually enjoying this season much more than last – high drama! and im so glad swan was on at 8 so i dont have to battle two shows at once!

and actually i just found out that the restaurant does not return to nbc until may 29th! the horror! but thats like next week right?

hollywood and highland is all in a tizzy as the setup is all underway for the big american idol finale! fantasia must take it! we all must call! carry on and call on! and then we can all regroup – gather our thoughts for the coming summer pop season – popbytes OUT!