oh the secret deal for anna’s baby

oh the secret deal for anna’s baby

good evening! even though anna nicole smith has been finally laid to rest – there’s still lots to deal with – gosh what a huge mess the entire situation has been! now at center of it all is little baby dannielynn who is young enough to not have a clue to what’s really going on but her fate is being place in the hands of other hands that want money! everyone can hem & haw over what’s best for the baby but we all know they want a piece of that sweet dollar pie!

this week’s STAR magazine is all about the supposed ‘secret’ deal for anna’s baby (not so secret anymore!) i still want to know who the father of the baby is (obviously it’s birkhead‘s) and then there’s the matter of the money – a lot of it could still stay with the j. howard marshall‘s family – it’ll probably (most definitely) be years before all of this is finally settled!

in other cover news – why did britney spears try to hang herself? all these suicide & possesion rumors are such crap – scrawling 666 on her forehead? jeez louise – give me a fucking break – i don’t believe any of it! (i hope no one else out there does?!?) and just last week the magazine claimed that brangelina wasn’t adopting but now they’re saying the couple is adopting two kids – but in actuality it looks like it will be one boy from vietnam but i’ll believe it when i see it!

i’m so feeling the need for a juicy & fun scandal…like the whole denise richards & heather locklear situation from last year – gosh that was a fun one to cover! everything this year has been so serious and icky – like i said before ‘britney gone wild’ was fun for a bit yet now the situation has spiraled out of control and not in a fun way! same thing can be said for american idol this year – it’s so blah (that’s the word on the streets now) i don’t even really have any favorites yet – i do like lakisha jones but i haven’t bothered to vote yet – i say bring back frenchie davis to spice things up! (antonella schmantonella) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!