oh that book of daniel

oh that book of daniel
January 6, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

so NBC is taking that phrase ‘what would jesus do?’ to the next level tonight when they premiere their controversy ridden new sitcom the book of daniel – now all those christian/family groups need to get a godammned grip – the show looks to me just plain dumb ( i would protest just over that) although it has been a hit with the critics…i just don’t get how these people have even the time to protest – especially when there are many other things to worry about – like health care, the iraq war, or even the economy – i can’t believe all the wasted energy that goes around with some of those groups who go around blowing their icky hot air all over the place – save it people and give us all a break!

but just for kicks i am going to give this show a chance just to see if the hoopla is worth a second look – it stars aidan quinn as ‘daniel websiter’ an episcopalian pill-popping priest with a martini drenched wife and a gay son – that part of the set-up sounds ok – but the fact that webster sees & speaks with jesus himself – that is the dumb part but i always like to give everything a chance – what’s really funny is i probably would never have thought to watch it without the protesting – so in reality they are only getting more people to tune in – and even feature it on their blogs…anyways i am looking forward to this weekend – of course i will be around here on popbytes – i’m outtie for now – xxoo