oh that beck – guero!

oh that beck – guero!
March 14, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh that mr. beck – he is back – and i’m betting this is amongst his best musical outings – a return to his more ‘snazzy – gotta groove’ style – i’m simply in love with the album – kind of a spanish tinge – his rhymes and beats are more clever than ever – and it all just sounds so fucking good – and opinion from the popbytes inner-circle is looking really good – i predict this will be one of hot hot hot albums of 2005 – god bless beck – what a talent – and what a cutie – who would have thought this ‘loser’ would turn out to be one of the most important musicians of these modern times – so do yourself a favor – check-out guero when it hits stores on mar 29th – you will not be disappointed! i’m grooving to it right now…popbytes out for now!

Three years after the critically acclaimed and heartwrenching opus “Sea Change,” THREE-TIME GRAMMY WINNER and FIVE-TIME MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARD WINNER BECK returns with his most diverse, accomplished and compelling work to date: “GUERO.”

With the raucous first single “E-Pro” triumphantly “na-na-na”-ing Beck’s return with a must-be-seen-to-be believed video by Shynola (Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead), “GUERO” both reunites Beck with classic co-conspirators the Dust Brothers and explores territories uncharted by even this most innovative artist of his generation.