oh some more celeb spottings!

oh some more celeb spottings!

hey kids! i am so glad to have made it through today – it was just a really weird day! so tonight i am just bringing on some more random celebrity spottings (of course i had two in a row!) i have been catching quite a few lately! when it rains it pours – so tonight at ‘rock & roll’ ralphs on sunset i first spotted corin nemec (from parker lewis can’t lose) standing on the express lane looking like he had just come from working out – he has that kinda face which you totally recognize but it takes a few minutes to nab his name! he looked hot! so then as i was checking out ron livingston (aka berger from ‘sex & the city’) walked in the door with a buddy – he had dark sunglasses on but i immediately spotted him – he looked great! his hair was dyed a very dark black and his buddy was kinda nerdy…they seemed to be in a mad rush for whatever they had come in for…

so now i am just watching a little TV – the usual suspects like ANTM and of course i will have to see who will leave idol tonight! i thought the whole country set-up last night totally blew chunks – hardcore! and i am big fan of country but they ALL sucked – that’s not popbytes country! i don’t even really have a favorite at this point…and we will soon be down to the final 8! yikes! somebody better step up their ass up to the idol plate very soon – at this point i certainly don’t see any of these people being our next idol…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!