oh paula abdul did dr. phil…

oh paula abdul did dr. phil…
February 15, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my gosh! did anyone else at all happen to see that dr. phil special last night over on CBS – i didn’t mean to watch it at all and i only caught a very few minutes i swear on a stack of holy bibles – but there sat idol queen paula adbul bursting into tears about how she basically needs a man & a good relationship – i was mesmerized for a few minutes…i was like am i on acid? what the hell is this?!? i snapped some pics of the TV (see ’em below) now i’m all for self-help & therapy but doing dr. phil in primetime seems like a big ass mistake for ms. abdul – plus i certainly don’t think it’s going to attract men towards paula – if anything they are going to be moving faster and further away! oi vey – popbytes over & out for today – i’m very excited for something happening tomorrow – so just keep your fingers crossed for dear ol’ popbytes! xxoo!

dude look that girl – she is with dr. phil – run!