Oh no! Is Suri Cruise in danger?

Oh no! Is Suri Cruise in danger?
January 10, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning boys & girls! below is the latest cover of STAR magazine which shakes things up with a tomkat cover story – asking is baby suri cruise in danger? apparently after all world went nuts to see the baby – tom cruise & katie holmes have become worried that she could be kidnapped! oh drama…now that could be an exciting dramatic story as long as everything turned out ok in the end…i’ll say though that i’m sure that tom is the more paranoid of the two – katie i’m sure is dying to bust a move and get out more with the baby – i wonder if she regrets getting all wrapped up in cruise’s world – sure she’s got a beautiful baby but i have a feeling she’s just not that happy plus he won’t even let her go out with friends to club hyde – oh he’s a stick in the mud!

speaking of sticks we’ve got concern over a skinny jessica alba…maybe jessica simpson can help her gain weight – as the magazine claims she gained 27lbs (i wonder how they came up with that exact number?) finally is britney spears fuming over rumors that justin timberlake has his eye on kate hudson? well i guess she’s available now that things have gone sour with her and owen wilson – we’ll just have to sit tight and see who JT goes after – it won’t be britney though – so she should move on! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

“that child is growing up inside a bubble,” says a source. i think both dad and katie are so worried if suri is exposed to the public, her life could be in danger.” sources believe that katie and tom fear that all their children could be prime targets for kidnapping plots!