Oh lordy … Octomom … the sculpture!

is anyone else totally done with hearing about nadya suleman – better known as octomom? i swear if i never saw her again – i’d be completely content! girlfriend’s media coverage is way out of control – did you see the crazy scene outside her new la habra home the other night when two of her eight babies came home from the hospital? that was pure insanity – talk about bringing down the value of a neighborhood – i bet some of her neighbors desperately want to move but nobody is going to be able to sell their homes now! i have no ill will towards her (i feel bad for all her children – that’s way too many siblings to deal with) but i’m so done with seeing her loony toon face – and those big lips – nadya still claims she’s never had any plastic surgery but i beg to differ – something for sure was injected into those lips! below is a new wacky & hilarious creation entitled ‘string of babies’ by artist daniel edwards depicting octomom in the literal sense of the term (he’s also the one responsible for scultpting paris hilton’s autopsy, britney spears giving birth on a bear rug, suri cruise’s first bowel movement, and oprah’s gold burial mask & sarcophagus) this is my first and last post on ms. suleman – i just hope all the media attention on ms. suleman will soon subside but i’ve got a sinking feeling we’re stuck with her for awhile (the babies’ first birthday, their first day of school, the list goes on & on …) popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

octomom nadya suleman sculpture
octomom nadya suleman sculpture
octomom nadya suleman sculpture
octomom nadya suleman sculpture


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  • Zigzag

    This woman is such a freak! The papz was out of control, crawling underneath the garage door. Unreal.

  • http://fameofshame.com Mike

    Ugh, I didn’t even think of the kids’ first day of school and all of that. Damn, she’s never going away.